Not Liking What’s Going On

When one looks out at the ocean, mountains, beaches, forest, animals, plants, and the many wonders of nature’s delights for some and Gods marvelous creations to others, this world is a place to like, no it’s a place to love no matter how it came about, don’t you think.

A far away loving

What’s with this title than? there’s no reason to not like, or is it the damaging hurricanes that come around vacation time, earthquakes that strikes suddenly, tsunamis, droughts, or other weather causing mass deaths?, maybe it’s beyond earth, you want to blame the moon up above or the trillions of sparkling stars, that surrounds the night sky’s or something else, maybe it’s some bad food, loud noise, funky smell or road rage , what could it be?, think about it, look in the mirror…. it’s you, it’s us humans, the beginning of humanity maybe was the biggest possible occurrence that is causing this marvelous world to not be so nice, now that’s a crazy thought, but think about it for a while….. isn’t it humans who do things that cause so much stress, hate, killings, conflict, wars, destruction, it’s humans, us that rattle each other nerves, cause heartaches and pain, fears, dislike you think , well maybe just a little tiny bit of not too serious thought, ok you are not convinced it’s us yet, ok let’s not hit the do not like button just yet.

Decades ago, Marvin Gaye asked in song: What’s going on, many of us humans are failing the life we live , maybe humans should not have envole or been created or at least we should have been given less freedom of will , would you freely leave children home alone for weeks or longer On their own free will and expect good things to happen ?. Look at just a few humans, the likes of Mr. Crosby in prison for druging women for his sexual pleasures, some school teachers having sexual affairs with students, people shooting mass amounts of people, rapists getting 20,40 years or more for rape, what’s going on? , people who take innocent young boys under the holiest of so called holiest, Catholic priest not getting jail time for sexual abusing of young boys, more than a few religious predators getting no jail time, CEO’s who are paid more than 300 times what some average workers are making a year, not supporting a livable working wage for workers, some adults raising children to cheat, lie or hate other humans, lies and hate by politicians, greed, pollutions, arms race, poverty, murder ok humans, we have to do better.

Who’s liking these things?, the growing ills are not going away as people are divided according to paychecks, religion, party, color, status and hate and more.

Labeling certain people who speak, look , or are culturally diverse as low life, thugs, scums of the earth, some of our people whose addicted to drugs, abandon them for years, when certain people get addicted to drugs, it’s a health problem, a disease, growing suicide rates, no workable cure for homeless people, allowing food to be thrown away , vacant buildings to decay, what’s going on?,

The rising greed, murders, cons, schemes, rapists, injustices, cruelty of humans against humans make you want to do more than scream enough, knowing it won’t reach most humans core. Is there hope? or are we too far gone to will a turn around to like humans as much as we should like ourselves.

Bring some understanding here today

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