Needed Changes

It’s sometimes easy to write , yell, spread what’s wrong with this or that thing, person or place, you know the trash was not picked up today, my child’s teacher is horrible or those people in charge aren’t worth a damn. Well there is enough wrongs in our country to go on and on, some small some large , let’s look at some possible solutions to some problems that’s been around for decades , there are too many problems to try to offer workable solutions in just one posting, so let’s try a few current pressing ones which our leaders seem to avoid or be failing at, see if you can agree.

Immigration, Gun violence, Prison reform are some longstanding issues that get a lot of hot air doing elections season. For decades progress has been slow on too many concerns , this is not about listing all our wrongs, this is about bold solutions, to solve these injustices in less than ten years.

Let’s boldly but truly give possible solutions to a few like – Prison reform, tax payers pay out about $35,000 dollars or more a year for each inmate in prison. Over the next 3-5 years, everyone in prison who has served five years for minor crime’s should be released if they request it, all prisoners 70 years and over who have serve five years would be release , except inmates who committed rape, crimes against children or murder. Before release, they must complete six months of social mental related courses , 780 hours of community ( not for those over 65) work doing the first year of their release and remain on probation for 5 – 10 years. The injustices of our system needs a true overhaul and redoing of our sentences guide lines for fair sentencing, no life without parole in most cases, murders must serve twenty five years at least. fairness in sentencing should be put into action.

Changes, good changes can be what we full hearted help make happen , not many people like changes especially fast changes, we live in times to some of us, some changes are happening faster than most can adjust to and that can bring some fear and that’s ok, we just do not need fear that is not really fear, there’s no monster under our beds. In closing, in this what’s called the most powerful and greatest country on the planet, we do not have equal pay for equal work, affordable pricing on many prescription drugs or proper health insurance, fair housing , veterans benefits, education and don’t forget drinkable water in Flint, Michigan, many issues remain unfixed year after year we can quickly solve most if we are willing to be fair, bold and treat others as we want to be treated.

Immigrants would be allowed to stay in certain cities/towns if the majority of the cities population approves and receive limited government aid for up to 5 years during which time immigrants should commit no serious crimes, complete 300 hours of education, laws and citizenship classes before being allowed to live elsewhere in the states and or apply for citizenship. We should not treat humans in inhuman ways but make efforts to limit the number of immigrants to a reasonable yearly number.

Gun violence, all mass killing war guns would be banned immediately, those who have them would be asked to turn their weapons in or be held responsible if their weapon(s) are ever used in a crime , people caught with illegal or unregistered guns would be fine up to $10,000 and or sentence up to 2 years, any crime committed with a gun would receive 7 or more years. Only law enforcement, register gun owners, gun collectors and some businesses owners would be allowed to process guns, any one else would have to complete 20 hours of gun and safety training. Gun violence has been out of control for years, we must stop putting bandages on gun problems, we must cherish and save lives.

There are some great and good things going on to, many teens are graduating, getting degrees and doing things to help make this a better place, children are about to fill the playgrounds with fun and laughter this summer , most adults are doing the correct things and raising their children well, there’s more good than bad.

Next, we can start to go after the problems that really keep us all up all night, the very pressing problems of our country that doesn’t get much play on radios or television stations, they are these two that are most pressing and come to the top of the list, they are – some used car salespeople and lawyers, just kidding, maybe not the used car people, most lawyers?, ok smile now.

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