Lives that matter

People die every day, some from accidents, disease, natural causes, suicide, and murder. Death comes to all people, short, fat, cute, bad, old, white, rich, babies, black, educated, well you get the point, anyone, anyplace, anytime, death will get you, that’s a certain. It matters less about the place, time, when, or how in most cases it’s the who did it? and the why ? especially if it’s murder.

Recently a college student was doing a paper related to Black Lives Matter, it was a double sided letter size page form, one side asked for information on the person filling out the form no name or address was required the other side asked about ten questions like, how often in the last month have you heard about Black Lives Matter on social media ? or do you support police reform? and do you support government funding of Black Lives Matter? among a few other related questions, it took less than five minutes to complete, after completing, thoughts of my own enter my mind, because not knowing as much about Black Lives Matter as maybe most people should, especially people of color. What’s known by most people comes mostly from what’s seen on television and often that is a number of Black Lives Matter people and supporters protesting, usually after a young unarmed black male has been shot or killed by police, usually a white police, people should protest any unlawful taking of a human life, it’s sad it has to be so often with the rise of killings night time or day time it doesn’t seem to matter, the boldness of ending a life occurs around the clock.

On the question about Government funding for BLM, yes or no?, this person circle no, hopefully people or other organizations will be able to fully fund BLM if needed, that way they may better retain their freedom to do their important work without too many strings attached as often is the case when government is involved and some people may not trust government involvement because some see our government as a large part of the killings of some blacks.

There was not a place to share comments on the form and not wanting to dismiss some thoughts running around inside this old skull of what’s known of Black Lives Matter, they seem good in bringing needed attention to some police killings and more good things they may be doing, unknowingly to some people, this person would like to see Black Lives Matter get involved more in neighborhoods, not only for police killings of our people of color but to see them involved more in the everyday tragic killings of blacks killing blacks, hopefully if they need more funding it can come from the people.

This site no longer exists

When a person is murder by police, stranger(s), friend(s), or family member(s) the pain of losing a love one is horrible. We know through the history of this country, black lives have matter very little to most white people we are under value more than any race of people, but sometimes we can be our own worse predators, we need black lives to matter to black people, there are far too many unsolved murders of blacks by blacks, known by blacks and no honest effort to bring those among us that look like us to justice. It should matter less who pulled the trigger that killed the human as to what clothing/uniform the the trigger puller had on.

While all lives matter is a term use by some, true history shows black lives have matter the least in this country and the world as a whole. We as black people must end black on black killings, we will not get other people to respect black lives if more than a few of us don’t respect the lives of many of our own.

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  1. I love this post Larry. The poster that you have included here, brings back the memory of the T-Shirt you gave me with that on the front. I admire you so much for what you have done and what you continue to do.

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