Thoughts then and now

If you have lived longer then it takes the second hand on a clock to make a minute, as long as counting the inches in measuring a six foot person or can divide the number of steps in the Washington monument by eight correctly, yes those are just some odd stuff to get inside your wonderful noggin, waking you up to think back to some memories of days we may wish were not so far ago.

If we had more of the thoughts, feelings or opinions from our past would we be better or worse ?, most people may not want to share their truth of what their thoughts were, some people change almost completely others may hold on to most or some of their early beliefs, some mental or heartfelt changes can make or help make were we came from to who we are today .

What were your true views as a young adult compared to who you are now,?, has much change in your mind from when you were a younger person? what were you for or against?, this writer will go first, but before doing so, let me state my early views were base on age, the times of the fifties, sixties, the environment, some friends, family and a few other factors, even some possible unknown factors that’s difficult to recall, some came with changes, some may be a bit silly or embarrassing, but it’s going to be as truly as memory serves.

As a young man, thoughts and sometimes passionate opinions when thinking back, some can be a bit harsh and some very reasonable depending on what may be good honest reasons to those judging and judges are not always right either, most people grow, become more involved, more informed, maybe even mellow to whatever life changes that is thrown your way, well maybe thrown your way is not best word to use , let’s say whatever life may have in store for you, or what you make out of the encounters in your life, hopefully we are not too uptight with using what some think is not perfect words to say something that is correct for everyone, hopefully you get what you are reading here, let’s move on.

One omission to make …. sex, as a young man, I must confess, too much time was spent and sometimes wasted on thoughts of sexual pleasure, knew that as a young person but it was really too hard to steer this young mind away , maybe my grades in high school would have been better, wow those young attracted ladies , that maybe the case with most young people today but that too will past, believe me.

Ok back to sex, oops, back to younger days thoughts, as a young person, a few years or so before turning twenty one, this mind thought and express, no women should be allowed, to do a mans jobs, back then men drove buses, sixteen wheelers, construction, jobs, this young person was especially against women being on the police force, yes that was my thoughts express freely then, see how that one turned out.

Now women do nearly every job, glad women have proven me wrong on those thoughts and women should get equal pay for equal work. Another one, People who verbally used four letter words in every two or three sentences, had something seriously wrong with their mind maybe some did or don’t, today even as too many four letter words irks a little, knowing a few friendly curser, they are not mentally deprived as once thought, just tone it down a bit. As a younger person, Did not care for people who blame their parents for their wrongs, not changing on that one, still believing that ninety nine point nine percent of the time.

Thought the Vietnam war would be over in a few years, was sadly wrong on that, loss a good friend and no, this writer didn’t served, respectful of those who did, those who died and those who survived, didn’t think I’d see a African American President, a pretty good one at that, wrong on that too but glad that one happen and being a part of it, thought Jews control all the money, still thinking if not, they are not too far behind and Minster Farrakhan didn’t control my mind on that. This may be embarrassing but back in the day, thought, when people died they came back in one form or another, as a insect, plant, animal or something, but were unable to relate to us, sometimes when seeing an animal acting strange, that still enters this mind sometimes, foolish me?.

Thought nearly all white people were racist in one way or another, still cautious of some but not all, thought gays were always just seeking mates, respect most now, have grown more than those former days, thought blacks would make major progress by now, we still have a long way to go, not so much in sports and entertainment, if only other areas were moving as well , not through these eyes.

Thought people would be more together as a whole, not seeing as much as this soul would like to experience, that could be on this part too. Well those were some younger thoughts, so much has change in material things, technology, didn’t think one would be able to write this blog on a phone or even knew what the word blog was, one more thing, as a younger person, thought this world would have ended by now, glad that one has not happen.

Boyz 1967

Well that’s some thoughts from this younger and older mind, thanks for growing and hopefully changing for the betterment of yourself and others.

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