Second Worse Crime

It’s time this serious abuse gets more of the attention it needs, before what little fairness that’s left crumbles in this country. View some recent headlines from this year alone, there are similar headlines likely where you live, some relate to part of the injustices in our country that has many people losing confidence in this system and in people were some only whisper about serious offense by those they bow down to, blue collar, white collar, celebrities, moms, brothers or who ever, similar crimes deserve similar punishment, but fair minded folks know that’s not the case in our current so called justice system.

Man gets probation for rape of fourteen year old, Catholic Church history of sexual abuses, Drug dealer sentence to life in prison , Police innocence in killing of unarmed man, Man gets thirty years in rape case, Teacher gets probation in sexual abuse case, Pastors Facing Life for Trafficking Young Girls , any serious crime is terrible , there are some lesser crimes we may not be too concern with, some kid stealing candy or someone throwing trash on your property. Many of the worse crimes are too many for this blog, to go into details on . We will go into what this mind consider as the second worse crime of all, knowing most people think crimes that happen to them, to those close to them are the worse crimes, in some cases maybe they are correct, people with the same crime committed against them experience different mental and physical outcomes than some other people, what troubles me the most may not be what troubles you.

The worse crime is one of the earliest mentioned in the Bible, that is the crime of taking a human life, be mindful nowadays some people value human life less than that of some four legged animals, caring less about the lost of a human life. Murder of a human should not be taken lightly, the consequences for those who commit murder should be harsh, life is what we all should truly value more, if you don’t already. The second worse crime and those who commit them is what l’ll settle on in this writing.

It seems somewhat inappropriate to rate crimes in order, some may say it’s akin to rating the best sport teams, it may appear to be a lesson of little important value, as if we don’t know any and all serious crimes are evil and can have long term affects on the victim(s) in ways the perpetrators don’t care about, even after some are caught, remorse is not in the hearts of many criminals, many can’t say sorry with any true meaning to it toward their victims.

The sexual abuse of young children is the second worse crime behind murder to this writer and its horrible if it’s committed by a family member, a friend or in this mind even worse when committed by someone who stands behind a pulpit as a man who God speaks through, you may wonder or say it’s the same act no matter who commits it, no excuse me, sexual abuse of a child is too often, looked over, passed over, cover up for those who are highly trusted in the guidance of our children, priests most often get a lesser degree of due punishment, it seems some of those behind a pulpit are skillful at committing sexual abuse and paying no time in prison, some may get some luxury short jail time. With some Catholic priest, so called men of God sexual abuse has been going on for many decades, sinful under a robe, abusing children sexually, any person knowingly but being patient with these sins, as if it’s going to fade away are nearly as guilty as the priests, pastors, bishops or what ever you call your person who stands behind your pulpit, if they commit sexual acts against children or any other crime they need to be held accountable as a common person. Churches using your offerings for paying hundreds of millions of dollars to settle those cases are not a problem solver, it’s worn bandages all around this country, Roman Catholic Churches have been paying millions of dollars is akin to thirty pieces of silver, it’s a betrayal of cherished souls and the acts continue. In one state hundreds of priests have been accused and in most cases the cover up goes into motion, a crime on top of a crime.

His eyes may not see the intent .

Some peoples who attend church see or gossip all kinds of wrongs about other religions other then their own, they would rather spend time talking about Michael Jackson, the neighbor down the street, but see, say or believe things are alright with the place they attend on Sunday, some worship those behind the pulpit as if they are with out sin, wake up people, it’s great if you have a good man or woman in front of the pulpit, but don’t get loss in believing they are not without sin, some are good, some have more faults than enough and any who engage in acts against children are the lowest of low, don’t excuse sexual crimes against children.

Until more serious attention is given , our top officials stop pandering to a religion, punishment should not be a slap to those who are guilty, but similar to punishment given to common persons for similar crimes given to others across the board, no matter what collar, robe or tie you wear.

Innocence children will become more of a target than they are if we continue to not cherish our children above any person, children can’t protect themselves .

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