Acres, Mules and Wealth

Some things you maybe want to know or if you know, you may want to share . A acre is a unit of land equal to 4,840 square yards, or slightly smaller than a football (91 yards) field minus end zones. A mule is the off spring of a male donkey and a female horse, they are smart and good at navigating difficult terrain. The price of a acre of land in 1860, depending on which state you were in, could range from about $7.00 to more than 15.00 per acre, $1.00 in 1860 was like having the purchasing power of about $15.25 today, most people made less than $6.00 a week, of course some of our our ancestors who worked the land, built large portion of what was on the land were largely not paid.

Today depending on where the land is, a acre of land can be value as farm, undeveloped, develop with houses and roads, so one acre can be valued from around $1,800 to more than $200.000.

A mule can sell for as much as $8,000 or less than $2,000 so on the cheap you may can get a acre and a mule for around $5000. dollars or on the high of more than one hundred thousand dollars for one mule and one acre, of course a mule is not as useful as it once was , there once were over six million of them, mostly in southern states, now less than thirty thousands are around in this country. Land is as valuable as ever and despite what some think there’s plenty of available land. Today many people live in houses, condos, apartments and don’t want or need much land, not many people own more than several acres of land but their are some very wealthy people who own thousands, no would you believe millions of acres?. According to some businesses outlets, media tycoon John Malone leads the list with 2.2 million acres, wow that’s more land than what Delaware has and billionaire Ted Turner and other wealthy families are not too far behind owning millions or hundreds of thousands of acres of land while some folks can’t find a place to lay their head at night.

Top US acreage owner

Most people don’t care how they got to own so much and what they are doing to help some of the neediness among us is not worth giving some thoughts and actions to, giving some people just a 1/2 acre to live or work the land could be nice even without a mule, would it be too hard to take a couple hundred acres were permitted, build a few hundred buildings, clinic, training center, a small town of sorts for homeless, needy people to stay for months, a year or two until they are able to revolve to their areas, prepared to live a improved life, it might be better than having ones name on a building where the nearly six hundred thousand homeless and underserved can only sleep on the marble steps at night.

A place to rest

You ever wonder how many wealthy people tend to own so much but lend, help or give so little from the vast of wealth they have, makes some think at least just for a little while, can they be doing more to help others?, it’s not always giving money but using money in the best ways to get those in need in positions to do more for themselves, according to some people who track charity, Charles Chuck Feeney is one of the most giving, it’s reported he’s given over three hundred percent of his worth over the years, most others give less than ten percent of their wealth toward helping poor and underserved people.

Is this greed?

Imagine if this wealthy country had more of the gift of understanding, passion and love for more of the least , this is not attacking rich or wealthy people, if they earned their billions by lawful means more respect to them, they can do what legally they desire with their wealth most do , but there is a need to make notice of the large gap in areas that are unknown to the average person, the ownership of land when people are crammed into areas and many can’t afford to live in places they once could just a decade ago especially when the word flows down that our country is doing so great.

Many people really don’t want to be super wealthy, sure it makes for lively conversation, good dreams and thoughts to think about it but if given honest thoughts about it, most people would likely chose to be able to support their family, relatives , help some friends and have a decent stash for really rainy days, you can let the wealthy keep the mules. Over five hundred and fifty billionaires are in this country, more of them can do more with their resources to help their fellow humans.

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