November 3, 2020

President Donald John Trump , Vice President Michael Richard Pence, Democratic nominee Joseph Robinetta Biden Jr and Senator Kamala Devi Harris will seek to lead this country. Before that, talking heads, so called experts, polls, promises, protests, breaking news will fill our news outlets with prediction maps, communications, charts and more, most predictions were wrong … Continue reading November 3, 2020

God truths

What truths are you truly committed to?, your own, your family, your friends your bishop, pastor, messenger, pope, there are teachers of the writings of the over seven hundred thousand words of the Bible, there are believers and those who don’t know what to believe. Different thoughts on some biblical things. Many of the thousands … Continue reading God truths

Lives, Symbols, Protest and History

Zenors Frudakis sculptor, Philadelphia,PA More protests have/are taking place in wake of yet another white policeman killing of another unarmed black man, are race issues on the correct path of positive changes? some controversial statues have/are coming down, more people of different backgrounds, identities, religions are engaging in conversations, marching and other actions of support … Continue reading Lives, Symbols, Protest and History

Solve a murder

Reporting on one of thousands of murders. Many parents, brothers, sisters, friends can recall one or more unsolved murders , it’s unforgiving when it happens, long after the wake, the funeral, the burial, memories linger, knowing the murder(s) have not been held accountable can be increasingly hard to sallow. The life of a once active … Continue reading Solve a murder

Corvid – 19 aftermath

Misinformation, hoarding, empty shelves, sickness, politics, deaths, are a few awful things related to this virus, people increasing struggling to deal with no work, sports, travel, restaurants, shows, food, even cosmetics, things folks once took for granted. What we learn from these unsettling times of our world community where we are more connected in than … Continue reading Corvid – 19 aftermath

Sons of Privileges

You don’t often hear people talking about their forefathers, unless they are politicians who think they did a great job in putting the constitution for them together. Most politicians often use words like freedom, liberty, justice when talking about their history, they speak of the flag , the second amendment, you don’t hear politicians speak … Continue reading Sons of Privileges

Gayle King

We share last names , I’m not related to, have never met Ms. King , I’ve watched Ms. King on television about a dozen times over the years, while only seeing a small clip of her interview, most of the aftermath of comments toward her felt below her due for what was seen here as … Continue reading Gayle King

Girl’s to Women

This writer doesn’t know most things about girls or women, you may want to agree to that, we’ll wait a minute, continue to read on, I had a mother, I have sisters, girls and women friends, nieces, granddaughter, daughter in-law, ok maybe you’re not convinced, I have friends on Facebook, and you shouldn’t be convinced … Continue reading Girl’s to Women

The Nation or the Man

Absolute power does what? As of January 23, 2020 the Democrats had put on what seems by most who have paid close attention to the senate impeachment hearings , an in-depth, long list of convincing reasons to support the removal of the President of the United States from office, but the engines of the helicopter … Continue reading The Nation or the Man

Devilish lies

Chief Justice Roberts People have been lying for ages , from the beginning to the ending of lives, the powerful/wealthy have used money, lawyers to help curve, mislead, distract, from their lies, people with few means are expose or suffer from their lies. Counting lies maybe akin to counting all the stars in our galaxy … Continue reading Devilish lies

2020 Predictions

End of the world Predictions have been made by people before, doing, and after the Bible, by individuals and groups Nostradamus, Martin Luther, Joseph Smith, Nuwaubian Nation, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Harold Camping, Jim Jones, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and others, you will not find this writer joining that list of wrong predictors of end of the … Continue reading 2020 Predictions

Thank you

Over nine months ago came to life, nearly forty blogs later, a variety of thoughts on wealth, sports, politics, everyday life, with titles like A woman will not be the next President, Back to School, Crack, Dogs Life, Holiday, Music to my Ears, Nonexistent, Past Summers, Second worse Crime, 45 and more. I welcome … Continue reading Thank you

Ninety three thousand Hours

It’s early, it’s late, you work mostly unseen by most employees/ employers who are steps, scale, wages above. Some of you wear uniforms provided by your company or your own work clothes, you help provide the little big things , that if missing or unattended can ruin someone’s work day, you’re one of an unknown … Continue reading Ninety three thousand Hours


Growing older is sometimes said, rumored or related to being wiser , kinder a more settled person, this elderly writer likes seeing, hearing that even if knowing that’s not always true for all of us good old folks , but it’s good to have people who are more forgiving, kinder, loving, thoughtful, wiser, and yes … Continue reading Mellow

Sport thoughts

There are many sports to name , here’s some of the top ones baseball , basketball, boxing, golf, hockey, soccer, track, tennis and others sports enjoyed by people from all around the world. If you’re into sports or not it’s good to learn some history of people,teams, highs and lows of yesterday. Ali, Robinson, Louis … Continue reading Sport thoughts


This is a special time of the year, while every day should/could be special to some people and hopefully people have less time dealing with every day things that may make this time of the year something other than special, joyful, loving and the good behavior that should be part of this season and other … Continue reading Holidays


Whistle-blowers have been around for sometime , in a time where many people are unable or unwilling to speak truths, lies sadly often dominated in many areas making it tougher than one may think to determine truths through all the back and forth slanted information and noise that comes our way , the line between … Continue reading Whistleblower


If you’re the head person for a small business mid size or a large corporate business, you’re the owner, President, are you treating and looking out for all your employees honestly and fairly, as their boss, you’re doing your best to gain all the benefits available to all your employees. You’re a elected leader of … Continue reading Advance

Night thoughts

After sunrise, shower, breakfast, family time, commute to work, eight hours, rush hours, back home, family, sunset, dinner, relax, sort of, then it’s bedtime for most people, television off, lights out, traffic slows, quietness happens, stars and moon light rules, it’s nearly bedtime. If you’re like most folks, day time thoughts and night time thoughts … Continue reading Night thoughts