If you’re the head person for a small business mid size or a large corporate business, you’re the owner, President, are you treating and looking out for all your employees honestly and fairly, as their boss, you’re doing your best to gain all the benefits available to all your employees.

You’re a elected leader of a diverse town, city or state, some people voted for you some didn’t, do you try your very best to achieve the best for all of your citizens regardless of their vote for or not for you?, do you try treating all people as family and support their different needs when possible?.

You’re a mother, father, with children, adopted children, children from a different relationship, you’re doing your best for them and hopefully wanting them to succeed toward a better life than yours, you’re helping to guide them to be fair and support themselves and the lives of other people, especially those who maybe less fortunate.

1619 – 2019

A relatively short time ago, certain people record albums could not have their photos on the cover in many areas, they were not allowed to play certain positions on sport teams, no leading roles in movies, television or even radio, no head positions in upper management, no cabinet positions, no seat in the Oval Office or behind the White House desk, today most larger corporations have few or no women or people of color at their table, wake up corporations there are more available intelligent people than males with light color eyes.

We can help unite people

Some of the people at or near the top of countries including this country have long used separation, greed, class and long deplorable acts against people they determine as below their self towering desires of being higher than other people and entitle to ruling privilege , have for generations rob, destroyed, enslave, brutalized, infected the air, land , water and people near and far even as you read this.

Greed destroys many things , the hard work to change for betterment is still being met with resistance, known and hidden in greed , hatred, lies of nearly every possible gain especially with people of color , the slow rise for how long it may take to overcome oppression continues , even as more people with good intentions and well meaning fairness stand with those with the most need, the number of dividers hold on.

People have a history and a present of making life harder, worse for different groups of people over a long documented path, at different periods in this countries history, it has been against Indians, Jews, Chinese, Irish, people from Mexico and others , the tragedy is after the outclassed people become the in class people , most stand by or are against another class of people, hating against people just as they were hated against. Talking one way while acting against the rights of other people, it’s troubling why after one group of people has been victims of hate many often join to victimizers other people, weather you’re head of a family, business, town or country, you need to reset your commitment, labour, heart, truth to do the best you can to lift the lives of all people equally, it’s not easy but it’s worth can put true meaning to united in front of these states , make yourself part of a real and lasting solution, the faster we start with our family, our work place, towns, states, as far as positive efforts carriers , we will lift humans that are considered undervalued for generation after generations to overcome new road blocks that hold , slow, derail the rightful progress to become part of a rising toward a real United States, be your person toward helping people be an equal body in life with the birth right blessings we all deserve.

Learn our history and better our future.

People stop being or becoming a problem against other people, make good sound solutions for all persons to enjoy, don’t lessen history, seek it, learn it and advance a better future by advancing the worth of all.

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