Whistle-blowers have been around for sometime , in a time where many people are unable or unwilling to speak truths, lies sadly often dominated in many areas making it tougher than one may think to determine truths through all the back and forth slanted information and noise that comes our way , the line between truths and lies is every so thin especially in politics. One person or group of people see, hear, the exact same things and come away with nothing close to what they have witnessed , when analysts , examples and investigations of things are taken in account little or no movement by either side shows a willingness to right their wrongs, but raised their voices, use distracted words , insults , more lies and continue leaving some without knowledge of making sound decisions of their own, people need less of being led and more use of common sense .

ABC, BET, CNN, FOX, NBC, NPR, TVONE and other organizations, social sites, need to be as factual as possible to get out facts in a open and understandable way regardless of their known political leaning. People appearing on public air waves, print or public outlets spreading lies unknowingly or knowingly should be held responsible in some form to make true corrections to false advertising, statements they make. Most people should understand no one news outlet is one hundred percent factual all the time.

We should be aware of bias reporting.

In the past some whistles blowers have been known, a few are held highly for what they did others have mostly gone unknown, today it is harder to go unknown and the danger of being known may depend impart on what or who you exposed. Some people want to know others don’t care or bring political positions into the matter. One way could be to allow exposing a whistleblower if it is determined that they were untrue, lies hurt or can ruin people, we need to stop the spreading of lies, if whistle blowers are/were true then they could come out or remain unknown at their choosing, there can be risk to family or worse if known, protecting their ID should be a very high priority also this helps other people to come forward to expose illegal activities.

Think beyond what you hear or read.

People need to go beyond the talk shows, news stations , political sites check information they receive if interested in true political happenings, don’t just eat up what you are feed, search for truth and act on truth to help clean up the mess on either side of the line of all parties , falsehood is growing faster in today’s efforts to control one person or groups over another, this is not new, most people living in the states of the eastern parts of this country likely cross near paths were brothers fought against brothers in a war that had more total deaths than wars we’ve been in since then, we must continue to learn true history, not hide from it .

People constantly try to bring up their children teaching them to be honest, respectful and not to lie, than some do not show those same traits in whom they vote to be leaders that govern our towns, cities country and children, no one should vote strictly by a party democratic, republican, independent or other party if the person does not have the traits of what you teach your children to live by and if you don’t teach them good behavior that most parents are known to encourage and want to live by then you are a problem, maybe worse than whom you may vote for.

Whistle blowers who help bring to light people, organizations, parties that don’t abide by truths, honesty and laws that govern our rights are needed for a future of togetherness with more truths than lies and if it takes one whistleblower or hundreds or more, so be it.

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