This is a special time of the year, while every day should/could be special to some people and hopefully people have less time dealing with every day things that may make this time of the year something other than special, joyful, loving and the good behavior that should be part of this season and other times of the year.

Putting aside life’s not so wonderful times that can or has happened in most of our lives and knowing of ups and downs that occur daily, it can be difficult to block out or bypass what, when and how stress, memories, and thoughts of love one’s we cherish comes in a difficult way , there may be some who may seek to make good times less than what you are trying to have weather you’re among several folks or home alone, try not to be pulling yourself to a low point, know someone, somewhere, have you in their good thoughts just as you have or have had them in your good thoughts at some time, enjoy and cherish what you like, share what you can if you can and if unable, don’t stress it, be your own best self.

Life is more than one time of the year, we want to enjoy as much as all the time we have and hopefully want the same type of enjoyment for all people.

Love one and another

There are a variety of celebrations in this season, enjoy and respect as many as possible. Have peace in your heart, mind and thoughts and you will have more than all the gifts, money and other things that advertising, movies and people may bring your way, enjoy you, enjoy the season and have it your way in a good way, happy holidays to all the holidays and be very thankful.

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