Sport thoughts

There are many sports to name , here’s some of the top ones baseball , basketball, boxing, golf, hockey, soccer, track, tennis and others sports enjoyed by people from all around the world. If you’re into sports or not it’s good to learn some history of people,teams, highs and lows of yesterday.

Ali, Robinson, Louis

In most of the twenty century of major sports names like George Herman (Babe Ruth) Jr., William (Jack) Harrison Dempsey, Arnold Palmer, John Joseph Havlicek, Billy Jean (King) Moffitt, Rodney (Rod ) George Laver, James Cleveland (Jessie) Owens, John (Johnny) Constantine Unitas, James (Jim ) Nathaniel Brown, Joseph (Joe ) Louis Barrow, Saskatchewan (Goldie Howe) Floral, Edson Arantes (Pele ) do Nascimento, and Aretha Neale Gibson were just some of the thousands of great athletes that fills the sport world past, present and beyond with their outstanding fields of accomplishments, names that live on today as greats in a long and growing list of sports history.

George Preston Marshals early 60’s team

Today’s playing fields, courts, rings and other areas of sports have less limits to succeed for most as was when the fields in sports were not nearly as even in gender/race when injustices kept people from taking equal opportunities in sports, roughly beyond five decades , many women and Negro’s were undervalued in getting an equal chance to complete in ares of sports as well as life in general. Earlier on after the first black heavyweight champion, John ( Jack) Arthur Johnson, Negro boxers found it more difficult to get championship fights , Theodore (Tiger ) Flowers a middleweight became the first after Jack Johnson to win a championship , blacks faced difficult odds and were not given equal opportunities on playing fields of baseball, football and most other sports, for a long time blacks were rumored not intelligent enough to be a professional football quarterback or captain a team, having to cross many hurdles as others were moved ahead, even in 2019, some racial injustices occurs.

History of what was demanded and restrictions that were imposed to stop, hinder and keep people of color from achieving their full greatness and worldly value were not limited , regardless of those unfortunate happenings black athletes have risen to the top in many areas despite those acts to restrict their accomplishments , we must recognize the struggles of women in sports, acceptance of their value and their rightful place among some of the best athletes gaining recognition in fields were they once were not considered or allowed to complete even as their wages today lack behind male athletes, their talents give extra paths for young girls to add to their dreams and gain reality to fill the shoes of one or more female athletes soon with equal footing.

WNBA Champions Washington Mystic!

Doors are still mostly close on most upper management and ownership of teams were blacks/females can thrive as they have on other levels of sports when things are truly equal, it’s hard to see owners in NFL, NBA, MLB, WNBA, NHL and other sport higher ups where about 98% are control by males, some holding a good ole boys network similar to what many before them did in a different way. Sports have made advances but could do more to open certain areas to groups of people into higher seats of control and have less athletes with battled bodies ending up lonely with meager means.

Two of the top 2019 QB’s

Sports bring thousands of people together at many different and remarkable events in huge stadiums, hardwood, clay and grass courts, around big screens, school yards and man caves with team colors of winners and even losers that help folks fill seats, making hundreds of billions of dollars and entertaining millions of fans around the world. Most people put stress , race and other issues a side, for the love of a good or great event, when games are all about equality on or off a field, court, track or the journey through life, we can root for the best efforts of people, teams, communities to succeed in a real way. Some of today’s athletes are doing more to help bridge people outside and inside of the playing areas by helping to mend some areas beyond sports, let’s enjoy the games, remember our history both good and not so good , the games won and loss, cherish the greats and enjoy time for your favorite sport, while supporting more inclusion behind those boardroom doors when more people of color and women are sitting in real partnerships of sports rising to its true greatness for all to share in.

Special thanks to Google, Wikipedia and other sources for help with Crumbs From My Mind.

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