Growing older is sometimes said, rumored or related to being wiser , kinder a more settled person, this elderly writer likes seeing, hearing that even if knowing that’s not always true for all of us good old folks , but it’s good to have people who are more forgiving, kinder, loving, thoughtful, wiser, and yes mellow, most of the stuff that goes into what it takes to make up a good human young, midlife or older.

Travel a good friendly life path .

Personality don’t just happen or bring those good feelings by just being an elderly person, of course it’s a task that some of us have to work on over time, a short time or maybe weeks, months or years, it can and often comes easier with some of the most loving, forgiving, thoughtful, kindest people this writer has witnessed and you may have too, not all of us elderly folks are privileged to all of the special qualities that are felt and seen daily in the lives of some humans , believe it or not every day amazing people, well let’s think bigger …. uh, maybe smaller in this case those little bodies and minds of wonderful personalities of little children yet to become elderly, before they get as some people say, too grown too quickly or know it all way too soon, smile, but seriously , joy, kindness, unconditional love in little children is something to really admire in this world, oh yeah, we know kids may be less of what’s their best behavior sometime requires, even those cute , chubby cheek , big eyed loveably kids that’s known or rumor by some questionable grown ups with or without child experiences who state their judgmental truths that may not get approval in any court of opinion of children juries, some grown ups alleged , two year olds are guilty of being terrible most of the time, can you imagine that? ok they may be some what right, just joking, not so much, but let’s move ahead a bit, we may not win a augment with many two years old.

Terrible twos ? No!, No!!, No!!! .

Giving unconditional love is found in some people other than kids, mother’s especially mothers to their children, mother’s who give birth, mother’s who raised or care for babies, raised children, sometimes are not given their proper due , respect or mellow time, life can be busy, very busy, it can be annoying seeing how little respect some mothers / women in general get with what goes into carrying those soon to be bundles of joy to term, their after care a women’s body /mental state can be difficult to produce life that provides much love, infants adore getting their nursing, napping, crawling, first steps and loving childhood.

A lifetime where good out weighs pain and some not too good times during some growing stages. Some elderly people mellow to their littlest self again over time.

Less stressful is a good mellow time.

A mellow life is of different things to a lot of different people, it could be short times with a book, a adult drink, quite time to just think, a walk, a run, all of a few minutes, hours of what some desire as their mellow time, it’s hard to find good people who don’t value some mellow time, people wanting long-standing stress free time, people who value their good thoughts , retain some child like feelings to laugh at themselves, enjoy some things kids enjoy, most kids do good from their kind little hearts, they like to share and care for others, adults can learn something from children as children can learn from the best of our better behavior.

Bundle of joy

When all is said and done , to the young, to the old, to the big, the small, the bold, the hot or cold, in time, we all need some mellowing time, enjoy yourself.

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