Ninety three thousand Hours

It’s early, it’s late, you work mostly unseen by most employees/ employers who are steps, scale, wages above. Some of you wear uniforms provided by your company or your own work clothes, you help provide the little big things , that if missing or unattended can ruin someone’s work day, you’re one of an unknown number of people who are seen but invisible, heard but unheard, employed but very limited chance to advance, a raise is few , your voice is often not recognized , data says the average person has to work ninety three thousand plus hours before retiring, you take a deep breath and exhale.

Eight hours is eight hours

Steady, honest, polite, dependable are some of your work qualities, Degrees, plaques, recognition, advancement, highly skilled you are not, you’ve seen people come and go, fail and rise, lose and gain as seasons, years have drifted by, typewriters, gender terms, paper checks have mostly faded or become part of past work hours memories.

Today’s technology, social media, robots, fast moving careers were some can become millionaires in less time than it takes you to get to work every month or year, as some labor in place unable to get pass the fifty yard line in thoughts of salary , decades of struggling either at one or several jobs, having little means to put aside for the later years of your life, few or no means to invest much in pension, benefits, stocks, retirement, opportunities to improve one’s education, and advancements , as some in job fields of work are making near or above six figures a year, you admire them using high earnings wisely, insuring financial well-being. The how to is available in some form or another from books, advisors, on line, workshops and possibly within your mind but it hasn’t materialized.

Work doesn’t work for everyone with the same benefits of time and labor with a return that is a winner at retirement and beyond, some work at jobs they don’t really desire to keep a roof over their family, health problems, debt, fraud, unwise habits can destroy a lifetime of work, hopes and dreams.

Wondering of an steadfast retirement

Long work hours over twenty -five, thirty, four decades or more leaves some with a good life after work, some with a great life after work and some with little more than a plaque, or a watch, some people engage in charitable work, new hobbies, relocate or age in place after retirement, you likely may have to do some part time something.

A watch, from four decades of employment

It is important to wisely plan early in life for later in life if you can, remember work is something to do to help make everyday during and after work better for you, your family to have and enjoy the best life possible, put something away for those rainy days, if you have not started , do so now.

The growing range in salaries where some people can make in a year what others will not make in their lifetime of work is or will become a bigger problem that should be handled sooner than later or at least explain in real terms if that’s possible to truly explain. All people want to be able to retire with something that lets them know their work was not in vain and they have a real chance to live decent without ending up homeless, burden in debt or regrettably worse for their many hours of work.

Making far less as some earn six figures or more at the top seems unfair or even greedy to some who meager earnings barely pockets one Benjamin a day, jobs, employers, businesses, city and government officials need to have a truly effective working way to use less empty words and more actions to slow the growing wage divide/benefits, increase means for low earners to have a livable future with salary, insurance, benefits after their more or less ninety three thousand hours of work.

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