Night thoughts

After sunrise, shower, breakfast, family time, commute to work, eight hours, rush hours, back home, family, sunset, dinner, relax, sort of, then it’s bedtime for most people, television off, lights out, traffic slows, quietness happens, stars and moon light rules, it’s nearly bedtime.

If you’re like most folks, day time thoughts and night time thoughts are as different as day and night, sweet and sour, or just what it is , in darkness you don’t see things, the silence can be calming, you may only hear your own breathing and even feel your heart beating, not many distractions at night, it can be just you , a good mattress and soon before sleep comes thoughts happen , sometimes serious night thoughts slowly sinking into your mind, hopefully most are good thoughts, not many about the work day unless you truly love what you do and that’s good, some thoughts at night may even surprise you, something about something that happen a long time ago or someone you’re not seen in a while, what you may miss doing during the day or need to do tomorrow, sometimes it’s about bills, troubles, life, death, the all powerful dollar, love, a few crazy or scary thoughts, some thoughts bring a smile, some joy , others might string at your heart or sadness for a while, it will be ok, some thoughts easy pass and some hang on, drift off or rob some of your normal sleep time, sleep can be the best part of some days.

Bed time

Usually thoughts are just between you and yourself, having a silent conversation about plans or past actions on just about anything, you often don’t want to bypass them, knowing you need to listen to oneself after all not too many people know you as well as you know you, don’t that make some sense?, some thoughts won’t let you brush them a side too easily, you wonder where they all come from, it’s easy to welcome and engage the good or interesting thoughts, others you don’t want those odd, crazy stressing thoughts, you just want a restful and relaxing night of rest.

Best part of the day?

Problem solvers , answers, and things to consider may be brought to light at night and it’s private unless you tell on yourself, maybe not the really embarrassing thoughts, you may want to keep does to yourselves. Some thoughts help to put you to sleep and some are hard press to recall even if you try really hard, some come back often as you try to figure out why you’re keep having this or that thought nearly every night, others can be so unreal, but most are quite serious when you’re alone at night, the unsuspecting arrival to ones settle mind can be mind blowing until they become normal but whatever thoughts are entertaining into the wandering space that swirls around inside or comes from out of no where, hopefully they are ones of usefulness to help you have a better tomorrow, yawn, good night sleep tight, don’t let the , yawn, zzzzzzz.

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