Lives, Symbols, Protest and History

Zenors Frudakis sculptor, Philadelphia,PA

More protests have/are taking place in wake of yet another white policeman killing of another unarmed black man, are race issues on the correct path of positive changes? some controversial statues have/are coming down, more people of different backgrounds, identities, religions are engaging in conversations, marching and other actions of support for ending racism and discrimination, knowing this journey should be over, remember the sixties and we’re still seeking truths of people’s rightful freedom, justice and liberties?, real changes has moved at a snails pace for many black people, education, jobs, housing, justice, policing, decades of promises, signings, laws, voting, our country has yet to truly maintain commitments to justice and equality to all its citizens, should we remove all symbols of confederates and things of racism, Jim Crow, current Karen’s and divisive current evils.

Personally, we have too many statues/symbols, instead of sincere heart felt goodwill toward each other, wanting to remove things that offends, erasing offensive history is some part of a failure to communicate truths with reasonable and positive actions. Past and current injustices are terrible to say the least, while some may want to forget, unlearn, tear down , its more important to remember, learn, rebuild before removing all historical confederate images, sometimes the time is right to act now, is this that time, if not when?. Effective building up from institutional wrongs or what some want to maintain for their own feelings of self worth as patience wears out from waiting on long overdue rightful means of life’s human rights that has been denied base on color, settle or outward discrimination, unlawful laws , unchecked minds in the face of injustices. Our history should be true living experience in every day opportunity’s that surrounds us, we need to be thoughtful of history that inspires or even sometimes offends, life is of good and evil times that should be not forgotten, but overcome.

Appomattox stood in Alexandria, VA

The current protest around the murder of George Floyd and other black men and women of color has led to more open discussions of better ways in moving forward, the removal of mostly confederate symbols which are part of an evil destructive history with long standing racist reminders. People of good will must not let up to false promises and nonsense but should not dismiss our history to super clean our country’s image from viewing. Limiting our history, should not be a quick option to ease some egos, history must be open, available twenty four hours a day, year long as our minds for equality work around the clock.

Most of theses symbols of offensive reminders to people should be stored in museums, unfortunately some people don’t visit museums enough, removing all of thousands of mostly confederate statues /symbols that can have meaningful educational use to the history of people interest, some should remain, those that do should have plaques explaining the what’s and why’s of their standing or there removal, true history, good and bad is important to our lives and deserves honest deliberation, learn more about them, their sculptures, their lives, meanings before some come after ours.

Tuskegee, Alabama

People should be aware of our loss history , reminded and educate to truths within our past, with solid examples of something’s not to all liking, some of our values of true history has been hidden/loss , changed, what is destroyed may not be recovered, be aware before removing all offensive matter , forgetting our past can be more dangerous than the destruction of known truths.

Racism, white supremacy, hate, offensive , symbols, really horrible things might cease with wishful thinking for a while but honestly with tremendous hard work of many people doing tremendous things to fully right many horrible unforgettably acts can start with you, start now but don’t remove all wrongs to grow a falsehood for the next generation to have to discover.

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