2020 Predictions

End of the world Predictions have been made by people before, doing, and after the Bible, by individuals and groups Nostradamus, Martin Luther, Joseph Smith, Nuwaubian Nation, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Harold Camping, Jim Jones, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and others, you will not find this writer joining that list of wrong predictors of end of the world forecasters.

One of many predictors on the list of doomsday.

Predicting is forecasting of future event(s) some have fun with it others are very serious few are correct, none are correct most of the time, knowing predictions of things that may occur is some what like predicting what the weather will be on this day a year from now, cold might get you close but some people can recall some hot January days, with that in mind, take these up coming predictions as some serious fun from a thoughtful mind.

One of several wrong predictions .

Seeing into the future can be either good or bad because hardly anyone wants to foresee something very bad , many people desire to see a good future even if it’s not hitting the lottery jackpot, just seeing good weather forecast for your upcoming vacation can be good or seeing ones child walking across a stage to get their well earn diploma, would be gladly welcome by many parents, we all would like to see good things in our future, a raise this year, a parent improve health, a new ride and always more togetherness of family and friends.

We know there are or will be some things in our future we wish we could avoid, debt, sickness or worse that we don’t care to linger on, so let’s move on hopefully for more better days ahead in this new year, to have those better days , we have to put something more or different into our being to get something better from this new year of life.

Some of the most hopeful things on some lists in 2020 that may not have too much to do with your everyday thoughts is likely going to be on the up coming elections in our country, putting personal wishes a side, people need to learn their candidates and vote wisely. Some predictions we don’t want to come true, but we live in a more dangerous time than ever before and we must constantly be aware and safe wherever we are especially for children and elderly, try to be watchful and protected of those mostly at risk.

Let’s get to some predictions for 2020 without end of world fears that are not control by us. Are you ready? Here are some thoughts from this writer, maybe you can agree with one or more. In no certain order here’s a short list.

1. The world will not end in 2020. Now that’s a worthy start you can agree with.

2. A women will make major political history in November. Women are making wonderful gains toward a greater voice in our world affairs.

3. The World Series will last six games. Most predictions need some games in them.

4. The Democratic nominee for President will not be a woman . Not enough people will vote for mans better half yet.

5. A mass shooting will occur in the spring of 2020. Some predictions you just don’t want to happen.

Cassius (Ali) Clay successful predicting.

6. No horse will win the Triple crown in 2020. Keep your betting money safe and grow it for your family future.

7. A undefeated champion will lose their title in 2020. Boxing fans will be surprise.

Lastly but not to go unmentioned, a good year for you …. if you are honest, do to others as you would have done to you , cherish your life and the lives of other people, you’re off to a good start. Enjoy life, we don’t have nine of them.

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