Pink, Red or White?

Happy Mother’s Day to all Mother’s . Happy Mother’s Day to all with motherly souls, spreading the love and joys with little commercially input, with lots of hugs, joys, rewarding togetherness is well deserving when spending time with mother on a day specially to support, honor, bestow the great value of what it takes/took to keep God’s given life to our mothers who gave and give so much of themselves to their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, family and other people with meaningful, unselfish , caring, lasting love.

Mother’s are different in their own ways, one way may be in the things some may like, big and small things, like a certain television show, some mothers might like the small box surprise, one the big box and even some might enjoy a hug from the host , the joys of seeing, engaging in the happiest of other people. This writer is not against all commercial giving, what mom wants, try to fill her desires, moms are deserving of our best, when mothers are happy we’re happier too.

At a tender age of ten or so our teenage sisters had the good skills to make beautiful flowers from crepe paper, which we younger siblings walked around our neighborhood and quickly sold the creative roses and carnations of pink, red or white flowers, at that time if recalling correctly we thought or were told the white flowers were for if your mother were no longer here, pink were if your mother was ill, red was if your mother was alive and well, today there are some different meanings of the flowers we sold at that time but the joys of having a good loving time with your special mommy remains a day to keep near in your heart regardless of having commercial gifts, flowers or any other reasons, mother’s gift of life, love and happiness carries thru our bodies for life.

A loving beginning.

Mothers are very special, they’re the life of us, we all have/had mothers who carried, nourish, cared and loved us, some like my mother gave birth to nine, seven boys, two girls , most mothers in the last several decades have less children but all mothers endure the good and some bad days/nights with some struggles in the life of carrying, raising children, teens and some into adults , who are and always will be their mothers babies.

Anna Jarvis, who oppose the growing commercialization of Mother’s Day is credited with it’s start in 1908 in honor of her mother Annan Reeves Jarvis over a hundred years ago. Today some still feel as Ms. Jarvis did. A loving time together is often what most people want most on Mother’s Day, sharing the past, present can be greatly appreciated, exchanging hugs, kind words, joy, good remembrance of those no longer here, keeping their history alive can be rewarding to share, some of their ways can remain in some of us, keep it alive and well. Some of us have long relationships with our mothers , others maybe not to long but we share a common bond of human mother and child love.


Mothering is no easy task, it takes a lot of giving to properly raise one child and with more personalities it may be difficult, the time, schooling, clothing, illness, safety, teen years and thru out life, moms usually make our lives easier to help make us better, think of the wonderful times, be blessed if you now have children or will/are motherly to someone, share the love you have within and cherish your mother, you have only one who birth you and you’re extra special to have those who gave/give you the motherly experience to be called mom.

When this writer was much younger as stated in (Crumbs) my book, was blessed to have two mothers, my birth mom and my fathers wife ( Essie) whose motherly love was also my mom. Enjoy everyday and this Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day!.

One thought on “Pink, Red or White?

  1. Thanks for recognizing mothers, all what u wrote is so true and deserving for mothers to hear, may they all receive that appreciation.

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